Howie Honeyman

Dr. C. Howie Honeyman has over 20 years experience commercializing advanced materials and new technologies in both start-up environments and at large multi-national corporations. He is currently the CEO of Forward Water Technologies and was recently the CTO at GreenCentre Canada. He also serves as technical and commercial advisor for several start-up companies located in southern Ontario and continues to aid GreenCentre. Previously, Howie has led research efforts at Xerox Corp, Cabot Corp and E Ink as well as serving as SVP of R& D at Natrix Separations Inc. Notably, while at E Ink he developed the key features used in E Ink e-paper displays and led the development of the first e-paper display technology used in e-readers today. Howie has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and is an inventor of record on over 40 US patents.