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GreenSky is a multi-faceted group of financial services companies focused on finding the most promising early-stage technology companies and providing them with the capital, knowledge, and networks to help them succeed.


GreenSky Ventures sees up to 900 potential investees per annum. We take an institutional approach to early stage investing, with deep due diligence up-front, a team of over thirty technical advisors, ongoing board involvement to stay connected with investments and help keep them on course. We see our funds as a substitute or complement to angel investing.

Early Stage Investment Hurdles

Greensky Accelerator Fund

Limited Deal Flow

GreenSky sees 450+ deals annually

Limited Due Diligence

Institutional due diligence: full-time analysts and deep market experience

Limited Technical Expertise

Broad Group with deep technical expertise

Limited Investment Oversight

GreenSky remains deeply involved in each portfolio company

Limited Negotiation Leverage

Lead investor status

Limited Portfolio Diversity

8-10 investments creates portfolio diversity

Investment Opportunity

The GreenSky Accelerator Fund was set up in response to a Funding Gap that represents an opportunity for early stage tech financing.

Canadian companies can typically access early-stage (Pre-Seed) friends and family capital (<$250K) and later institutional round capital ($2M+), but struggle to raise financing in between those stages and the quantum necessary to fund real growth. The GreenSky Accelerator Funds invests up to 500,000 in early stage technology companies. GreenSky Capital, through its affiliated Angel Group, the GreenSky President’s Club, and through its extended network of institutional and high net worth investors, can supplement the Funds’ investments, making seven figure fundings a reality for Late Seed stage, or extraordinarily promising Seed Stage companies.

Ideal Investment Profile

Protectable, de-risked technology (such as defensible IP)

Protectable, de-risked technology (such as defensible IP)

Experienced management

Experienced management

B2B focus with measurable value-add

B2B focus with measurable value-add

We have experience in IT, CleanTech, SaaS, and MedTech and look for companies operating in large or accessible markets.

The fund also will retain capital for follow-on investments in companies which are succeeding at meeting milestones and require additional financing to fuel their growth. We seek investment partners who can do the same. GreenSky Capital has experience guiding companies through Series A and B rounds, allowing entrepreneurs and their teams to focus on their businesses

Angel Group

The GreenSky President’s Club (“GPC”) is an angel network designed to provide serious early stage investors with better quality deal flow, preferential pricing and increased probability of a successful exit through experienced, professional management.

GPC is not a fund, but a quantifiable and real commitment from a select group to participate, both financially, and potentially as mentors, in deals that are sourced, vetted and managed by GreenSky Capital. GPC members may invest in early stage opportunities alongside The GreenSky Accelerator Fund.

There are no management fees and members will have the right to direct their funds into the deals of their choice. Membership is limited and by invitation only. For more information, please contact Greg Stewart.

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  • 4-6 meetings per annum
  • Presentations from high growth Canadian companies in the technology, CleanTech and MedTech sectors that have been carefully vetted by GreenSky
  • Pre-institutional, seed round investments


To remain in good standing, a Member must:

  • Be an accredited investor
  • Attend by webinar or in person, 4 meetings annually
  • Maintain a minimum investment activity of $25,000 annually


  • No management fees
  • Members have the right to make investment decisions on a per deal basis
  • Access to professional due diligence and deal selection
  • Increased and regular deal flow
  • Preferential deal structure
  • Ability to network and leverage relationships with other Members
  • Active management of investee companies through GreenSky and mentors