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GreenSky’s underlying passion is investing our time and money in early stage IT, CleanTech, and Medtech companies to take them from Seed to Success. Having founded, funded, built and exited multiple companies, we have the experience, the scars, and the network to guide exceptional entrepreneurs on a high-growth path.


GreenSky Ventures seeks out the most promising early stage B2B technology companies in Canada, emphasizing protectable IP and experienced management. We often lead Seed rounds, and will participate in pre-Seed and Seed-extensions, and very occasionally will enter at Series A. Our team brings strategic contacts, as well as legal, financial, and technology-scaling experience that help our portfolio companies achieve their goals.

Deal History

Beginning in 2010, GreenSky has been part of 28 fundraising transactions for a total of over $50 million raised for 14 companies.

Sample Fund Raise – Smart Energy Instruments

Sample Fund Raise – Smart Energy Instruments

Smart Energy Instruments (“SEI”), an Oakville based company designs and sells chipsets that provide ubiquitous, time-synchronized analytic capabilities to the Smart Grid. GreenSky has enjoyed a long relationship with SEI through multiple capital raises and has assisted SEI with its significant growth over the last four years.

Working with SEI, GreenSky raised capital that has allowed the company to find global partners that have provided further non-dilutive funding and commercial validation of its sustainable energy smart grid technologies. GreenSky Capital Inc. was awarded the Private Capital Markets Association's Sustainable Growth Technology Deal of the Year award in 2014 for transactions that included follow-on investment from institutional capital as well as the introduction of 3M New Ventures – the corporate venture arm of 3M - as an equity shareholder.

Sample Fund Raise – Mirexus

Sample Fund Raise – Mirexus

GreenSky Capital was awarded the 2016 PCMA Technology Deal of the Year Award for its work with Mirexus Biotechnologies, an advanced materials manufacturer based in Guelph, Ontario. Mirexus was unable to raise funding for commercialization until the hiring of Dr. Philip Whiting as CEO who was introduced to GreenSky Capital shortly after his hiring. GreenSky raised a $530K seed round through its angel network and a local strategic partner, which enabled the hiring of a core team of scientists. GreenSky took on a long-term role that supplemented Mirexus’s small management team. GreenSky Principal Greg Stewart took on the role of CFO as well as a Board position.

One year later, a Series A investment of $6.9M in two-tranches was enabled. The investment group included a lead corporate investor, a strategic partner (Asahi Kasei Corporation, a Japanese company), follow-on investment from angel investors, and an investment from the GreenSky Accelerator Fund I. This round financed the company's go-to-market plan, a manufacturing plan, applications R&D, and 2 ½ years of runway to commercially validate the company’s technology.

GreenSky was awarded the Private Capital Markets Association's Technology Deal of the Year for the second transaction.

More than a Cheque - Our Value Add

Technology Scaling

  • Oversight /assist in Technology, Operations and Manufacturing Team hiring and management
  • Provide CIO/CTO mentoring
  • Provide mentoring to non-technical CEOs in technical environments
  • Oversight /assist in technical product architecture and design
  • Oversight /assist in software product scaling, instrumentation, build for efficient and reliable operation and productization
  • Oversight /assist in technical product roadmap development and product roadmap execution
  • Assist in developing and aligning technical strategy with business objectives
  • Oversight /assist in implementing Best Practices for software and software development
  • Helping teams move efficiently from a concept, to prototype, to a sellable product

Treasury / CFO Services

  • Investor Relations
  • Strategy
  • Accounting oversight: hire bookkeeper / accountant; review financial statements provided by this person, make decisions related to the accounting treatment of unusual transactions, oversee tax filings.
  • Cost control – create Variance Report that compares actual expenses to forecast. Analyze variances; locate and research of relevant issues; report meaningful variances to management and or budget. Maintain working budget.
  • Define and track metrics measuring key success factors for business
  • Assure proper cash balance and capitalization
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Strategy / Legal / Negotiations

  • Business development – introductions and development of tactics
  • General Counsel mentoring
  • Proper structuring of corporation from both a corporate, potential acquisition and tax perspective.
  • Review of corporate contracts, particularly larger commercial contracts and intellectual property licensing agreement
  • Negotiation and closing of equity and/or debt related financing packages
  • Negotiation of senior licensing relationships
  • Strategic advice with respect to licensing, financing and acquisition
  • Ongoing good governance


"GreenSky is a central player in the Canadian seed stage technology financing landscape. We continue to refer companies to GreenSky and pay particular attention to those companies that have been through the GreenSky process." Tom Rand Managing Partner, ArcTern Ventures

"GreenSky finds compaies with high growth potential and strong management, and helps them get to where they want to be. We continue to be impressed by their team and the work they produce." Steve Parry Executive Chairman, Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp.

“I have been a client and an investor at GreenSky. I found GreenSky to be knowledgeable in technology with a solid understanding of what makes a startup tick – but above all, the team’s integrity stands out as the reason why I will continue to work with GreenSky long into the future.” Paul Jackson Founder & CEO, Method Integration

“We engaged with GreenSky for their fundraising capabilities, but we were so impressed with their work that we have continued our relationship and consider them a crucial long-term part of our team.” Miriam Tuerk Founder & CEO, Clear Blue Technologies

“The people at GreenSky are tremendous…professional, focused, energetic, well-connected, thorough, and committed.” Phil Whiting President & CEO, Mirexus

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